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About Rapido

The idea behind the Rapido range of owner-operated, ocean cruising, trimarans came from “the team" that has built more than 1,500 production trimarans globally. The world-acclaimed Morrelli & Melvin was then tasked with developing the design and engineering for the Rapido team to start building! Separately, Rapido Catamarans adds an exciting new dimension to the fleet.



Rapido 40, Rapido 50 and Rapido 60
  1. A stable boat which doesn’t heel.

  2. A boat that loves long distances, short sprints and the passage between.

  3. Discovering places that others cannot venture to when you sneak up alongside a secluded beach or glide over a reef (the draft of the Rapido 60 is just 0.75m with the rudder and daggerboard retracted).

  4. The speed when you need! Having the flexibility to power up and sail away from bad weather systems is prudent.

  5. And of course, powering up and sailing away while other boats are wallowing is, well, just a lot of fun!

  6. To sail short-handed  (with as few as two) with centralized systems, Karver reefing hooks, self tacking furling jib, furling reacher and stay sails.

  7. Safety is paramount on the water and the fleet of Rapido Trimarans are designed and built to put you in control for fast, safe, fun sailing.

  8. Rapido have chosen, arguably, the best designers and engineers in the world to bring all these elements together into a trimaran that is as safe as it is exciting. 

Morrelli & Melvin use the most sophisticated software in the world to model the performance of their boats from all perspectives. The technology includes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Velocity Prediction Program.


Find out more details on the type of technology that has been used in designing the Rapido range of trimarans).

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