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MAKAI Yachts

The most exciting power catamaran launch of the decade! Built in Europe with inboard engines and disruptive design.  Available in 3 models: the M37, M37 Open and the M45 Cruiser.  The first M37 splashed June 2021. Makai Yachts is entering the power catamaran market with the innovative M37 and M45 models. Makai is changing the game for boat owners around the globe, offering exquisite craftsmanship, cutting edge technology and revolutionary asymmetric hull design.

 Exclusively available through Oracle Marine.


Exquisite craftsmanship is evident throughout the Makai M37, in keeping with the elegant lines from Italian design powerhouse Emanuele Rossi. The interior can be customised with choice of luxury textiles and finishes. 


The M37 is a reassuringly stable platform whilst underway and at anchor.  The lateral space of a catamaran and the ergonomic design provide the tranquillity of a much larger boat. 


The M45 is a highly responsive and manoeuvrable boat due to widely spaced twin propellers.  The fly-by-wire inspired joystick and Skyhook positioning system, make the M45 a pleasure to control – docking the boat is effortless in all conditions.


Catamaran form stability ensures the M45 is steady whilst underway, in rough conditions and stable at anchor. The tranquility of a much larger yacht is achieved without the need for additional stabilisers. The twin inboard engines provide system redundancy to assure safety and security when it’s needed most.

Debut Models

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