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Painstaking attention to detail and quality of design makes this little known Knysna yard a winner.  The Vision 444 is the perfect faster cruising catamaran available with Oceanvolt electric propulsion and Advanced Wing Systems WingSail.


The most exciting power catamaran launch of the decade! Built in Europe with inboard engines and disruptive design.  Available in 3 models: the M37, M37 Open and the M45 Cruiser.  The first M37 splashed June 2021.

Exclusively available through

Oracle Marine


The fastest performance cruising Trimaran on the market.  Available in 3 models: Rapido 60, Rapido 50 Folding and Rapido 40 folding.  Available with Torqueedo or Oceanvolt electric propulsion and Advanced Wing Systems WingSail


The St Francis 50 was designed by legendary South African boat builder Duncan Lethbridge. This is one of those classic catamaran designs that has steadily evolved over the years. The new model, SF46,  will set the benchmark for the performance cruising catamaran market. 


Oracle Marine

Oracle Marine is the Exclusive Dealer for Makai Yachts, Knysna Yacht Company, Vision Yachts, St Francis Catamarans, Rapido Trimarans and Advanced Wing Systems.

At Oracle Marine, we only represent brands which are synonymous with the highest quality craftsmanship, materials and safety. The curated portfolio of manufacturers will ensure there is a perfect boat for everyone who wants to experience the very best in sailing, whether searching for high performance racing trimarans or luxury cruisers, all customisable with the world's cutting edge technology. 

Our team are all dedicated, life long sailors, including professional Super Yacht captains, so you can rest assured you will be receiving advice from those who have an in depth understanding of each of the vessels firsthand.


Oracle Marine has the boat for you.


18 years ago, Knysna Yacht Company set out to establish a boutique luxury yacht manufacturing business. The result is our world-class customisable, blue water sailing catamarans.


Engineered for stability. Designed for luxury. Destined to unleash the voyager in you.

Knysna Yacht Co
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